We are an educational social media platform, providing social education through honest, inspirational, and passionate (HIP) media.
App Features

Much of what we learn comes through social means, and we want to revolutionize social learning. With the help of our one-stop-shop platform we are adding another tool of learning.

Message from the founders
  • Building the OnDecker platform I realized all the synergies it offers, how it connects the short documentaries to relevant content. Adding a profile component to the platform added the community feeling that companies like Facebook have managed to do to perfection. We want to be a community that challenges social education and that for me is more than enough.
    Jonathan Lindberg
  • I have always been an advocate of education, specifically social education. While going to college I realized the lack of relevant knowledge and wanted to do something about it and give people a tool to stay up to date. OnDecker today is the tool I wish I could have told my friends to use back in college.
    Hicham Hitch Larhnimi
    Director, Business Development
  • Relevance is key to effective learning. Bridging the gap between education and social media has been the most effective way to bring attention back to hard work and success. OnDecker is determined to be your one-stop-shop for knowledge no matter the chosen path.
    Victoria Shahbaz
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We are a culture & entertainment platform, incorporating social media to provide inspirational and passionate content to the young masses.